Participating Families for Oasis Housing

Oasis Participating Family Members $180/year

  • All the benefits of Oasis guests and Oasis Community Members

  • Training toward self-advocacy, community living and independence

  • Additional social and recreational activities through mini-community staff

  • Access to the Uniquely Abled Oasis Friends private Facebook group which is a communication avenue for members to coordinate social activities with each other.

  • Access to adult workshops, on a variety of topics, including making an “about me” book for your uniquely abled adult in a fun setting with other parents.

  • Training classes such as:  Cooking, meal planning, home maintenance, etc.

  • One-on-one interviews between family and trainer.

  • Requirement to volunteer for two activities, two events, a committee, or a board position each year.

  • Access to Community Builder for an additional fee


Additional fee to participate in Oasis housing: One-time fee of $650 for the following:

  1. Transition training class - one day class, 6 hours.

  2. Skills Assessment - Assessment for parents to fill out and one for the uniquely abled adult to fill out, used to assist families to determine life skills that can be worked on in the whole life model.

  3. Participant family meetings – Group that went through training to walk through Life Steps Binder as a group. Four meetings, parents only, to further the knowledge of items discussed in the transition training class.

  4. Guiding the Navigation Process – Guiding members to Individual community connections for CLS, housing, transportation and other moving out connections.

Questions?  Contact Lynn Surdock