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Oasis Community Builder Trunk or Treat Event 2021 - from Fox 17 

Living with a disability can present some really vexing challenges.  Especially those challenges that involve navigating eligibility for essential Medicaid services.  Most of us when a benefit or a necessary service is denied tend to take "NO" as the final answer.  We give up. And we give in. You might be surprised to learn sometimes the "NO" answer you received is not correct!   Listen to Steve Johnson's podcast interview with Michelle Roberts, Executive Officer of Disability Rights Michigan and learn how DRM attorneys and staff advocate and advise individuals with disabilities of their human, civil and legal rights within the state of Michigan. 

Navagating Life as We Know It - Lets Talk About Advocacy 

Congratulations to our Past President & Co-founder Steven Johnson as the 2020 AIA Grand Rapids Humanitarian Award Recipient!