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Microsoft Rewards & Give with Bing:  Give with Bing is a feature of Microsoft Rewards that enables you to support a cause you care about simply by searching on Bing. It starts by signing up for Microsoft Rewards, our loyalty program. After joining, points earned for Bing searches will be automatically donated to your selected cause. 

Even if you do not search with Bing you can donate your Microsoft Rewards. 

To register and donate your Microsoft Rewards points to Oasis Community of West Michigan click the Give with Bing button. 


2021 Tax Deduction: Did you know?  When you file your federal tax return for 2021 you are able to make charitable donations (up to $300) to a 501(c)3 non-profit and take a charitable gift deduction.


EVEN IF YOU DON'T ORDINARILY ITEMIZE YOUR DEDUCTIONS!! That's almost like Uncle Sam matching your donation to Oasis...because you will pay less tax on the money you gifted.

Want to help Oasis?  Great!!  Because we NEED your help!  Here are some ideas the Fund-Raising Committee has come up with. Some you can start right away!  If you have a different idea to share with us please do!  You can reach Steve at (616) 212-6833 or by email

Monthly/quarterly/or annual donation:  you can make a one time, monthly, quarterly or annual donation.  You probably wouldn't miss $5 or $10 a month...but it would make a HUGE difference in the support we can provide to our young adults. Donate here

Giving Tuesday: Oasis participates in Giving Tuesday in December of each year.  The campaign will be posted here on our website and in our Facebook Group. 


Donating cans & bottles for recycling: Several of our members are collecting cans from neighbors/family and donating the deposit funds to Oasis.  In the last three weeks two families have raised $100.  At this rate, easily $1,000 could be contributed in a year.


Target Community Grants: Each Target store will give Target gift cards to non-profit groups.  We just received a $50 gift card from the Target at 28th Street in Grand Rapids.  All that is needed is to provide a letter to your local Target store with our letterhead.  We have a letter all set up that you can use when approaching a Target store in your neighborhood.  Contact Steve Johnson for a copy of the letter.


We need your suggestions!  Do you know of matching organizations?

If you do please contact Steve by email

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