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Get Involved with Oasis

At Oasis Community of West Michigan, we offer monthly gatherings to promote social networking, provide learning opportunities on issues of common concern and facilitate the development of inclusive, self-directed Oasis Community housing for uniquely abled family members.


Some of these events are open to guests and others are Member-only benefits.  The cost to participate as an Oasis Community Member or Supporting Member is $45/year and as a Participating Family Member is $180/year.  Participating Family Membership is required for inclusion in Oasis supported housing options.


Oasis Community recognizes that families may not be ready to actively prepare for independent living.  Signing up as an Oasis guest provides an opportunity for individuals with disabilities and their families to participate in Oasis Community of West Michigan and learn about our community building philosophies. 


There is no cost to participate as an Oasis guest. To participate as a guest please join our Email list and Facebook Group 

We also have several volunteer opportunities...please contact us.

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