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Emerald Flats 

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ICCF collaborated with MSHDA, the MEDC, and the City of Grand Rapids to fund the renovation of the Eastern Elementary School into apartments named Emerald Flats. Oasis Community of West Michigan is a general partner in this project with ICCF. 

This four-story historic building includes 50 apartment units – including 8 studio apartments, 31 one-bedroom apartments, 10 two-bedroom apartments, and 1 three-bedroom unit. The former school serves families with low to moderate incomes, including families who earn 40-120% of the Area Median Income.


Oasis Community holds the master lease to the three-bedroom apartment. Other Oasis members live in a studio apartment and a two-bedroom apartment.  All our members living here completed our training and were ready to transition to a more independent living situation.  They are also Participating Family Members, which, along with our training, is required for inclusion in Oasis supported housing options.  


There are eight Oasis members who are living on their own and are participating in our first Community Builder group. Our community builder meets with them regularly (usually once or twice a week) to participate in social activities and events. She acts as a liaison between the members and the community, introducing members to a variety of fun activities as well as helping members get along with each other.  

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