For Giving Tuesday this year, please consider the gift of Independence.  Oasis Community of West Michigan families have spent years preparing our disabled kids for the next step; the transition from being our offspring to being their own person.  To watch them grow from that dependent child to an independent young adult with dreams and wishes for themselves can be scary for all of us.  But that determination and willfulness is what we strive for and it should be celebrated.

Oasis has made significant progress this year - hiring our first Community Builder to work with eight of our disabled members living independently!   We have young adults working toward their goals, working toward greater independence, interdependence within their social community, and working on their social skills that will help them achieve success.  

We would like to add more neighborhood groups like this one with others ready to move out or who have already moved out. Oasis will need to hire a program manager to help with coordination between community builders, families, supports coordinators, etc.  Please consider supporting our young adults & Oasis Community of West Michigan in this great endeavor toward independence. 

Thank you for your support!

Grace A.M. Smith, President

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