Projects & Housing

The next step for Oasis Communities of West Michigan is to begin to develop housing alternatives that are….

  • Affordable

  • Inclusive

  • Sustainable

  • Safe, appropriate and supported,

  • In a community setting where young adults with disabilities can have friends

  • Near public transportation

We feel called to create sustainable, inclusive, alternative housing for special needs individuals in West Michigan. By using our resources—our time, money, energy, talents and networks—we can connect with families and help our adult children select housemates to create a community living environment. Our adult children will meet friends that enable them to benefit from mutual support, grow in knowledge and life skills, and become as independent as they can be, choosing how they want to live and what they want to do with their time.

For this alternative housing model to be sustainable, we must tap into additional resources available in our communities such as churches, disability and social service providers, government organizations and charitable foundations. By using community partnerships, we can build networks that support developing housing options and provide the daily support needed to ensure that our adult children can live with hope, purpose, and community.


Inclusive Housing

 Over the years, the vision of Oasis Communities of West Michigan has grown. We have been challenged to discover housing alternatives that will provide our young adults a safe place to live with greater independence, social connectivity, and lead purpose-filled enjoyable lives.

To that end, we have researched several communities that have developed viable alternative models addressing all the quality of life issues we have identified.

Please visit the following link for more information…

CIF Evanston

CIF was created by Special Needs families that understand our challenges, the ICF trains and equips families interested in developing housing alternatives. 

In order to participate in Oasis housing families must be Participating Family Members

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